I’m having none of it

I am fuming right now. Completely, and utterly angry with the human race. Watch this link, and hopefully you will be too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOaMYFmpuVo

Animals are beautiful creatures who we obviously don’t deserve. We treat them like crap, and don’t respect that they are everything we should be. They’re unconditional lovers, and are full of life. They love to play, and cuddle. They are only violent when taught to be that way, or disrupted in the wild. I mean, you walk into a bear’s home when she has baby cubs. Yes, of course she’s going to protect them. Animals that are sick will also be violent, but they are sick because of the living conditions WE have created.

So many people in that video couldn’t care less. “Oh cool, a guy is abusing a dog. I don’t want him to beat me up, so I’ll just pass by.” “The dog probably deserved it anyway…” If it had been me, I would have been livid. I mean I already am, and I just watched it.

Am I one of the only people on this earth that want animals to live joyfully? Am I the only one who believes animals are what we make them to be? We need to learn how to co exist. The human race is certainly NOT superior. We just evolved into monsters with brains. Animals came first.

Stop thinking we have power over everything, and deserve to control the world. WE DON’T. I promise you, if people keep growing up to be selfish, animals will be obliterated, the earth will be no longer live able, wars everywhere will begin, but don’t you worry, money will come in bulk.