The Telescope To Heaven


His emotion is polished like a purple peach

Shining in shades of gold

Floating in the pool on a summer day

The cool, clear water reflecting sugar

It’s taking sips of apple lemonade

A year’s worth of gardening in the dark

Finally blossoming in the spring

It’s the joy and city lights of the moon reflecting on our souls

Blue and white sky mixing in harmony

A sunset fading into black

Staying warm in the milky ice cold down pour of winter’s rain

A hot cup of tea warming my fingertips

It’s the cat’s pointy ears, and eyes of a sweet slimy snail

Confetti at a child’s birthday party

Bubbles of soap while washing the car

First love is bright like the light I write under


Can we all agree music is everything? Here are a select few of my favorites with attached youtube links.