My 15th birthday was yesterday, and this means driving. The day we’ve all dreaded has come. My dad picked up the driving manual for me, and I’ve slowly had the patients to read 30 pages of it. EW. Now, I’m actually terrified. My mom had to trick me into having my first driving lesson because I didn’t want to. She told me we were going home, and then pulled into a parking lot. She turned the car off and parked it, then forced me into the drivers seat. Now, it’s not that I don’t want to drive, it’s that I’m too afraid of crashing into things.

I turned the car on and my mother patiently told me what to do. I stayed at 5 mph the entire time, which is basically letting the car roll. I was too scared to go any faster. When I realized I was going 8 mph I tried to slow down.

There was a inevitable turn in this parking lot, and I didn’t understand how I was supposed to gas/ break, steer, and turn my blinker on all at the same time… Every time I didn’t know what to do I put the brakes on, and I had no idea how hard to press down on the gas or brake. This resulted in a lot of jolting. My poor dog was flying around in the back seat. I also have laugh attacks when I’m nervous. Throughout the entire experience of driving in circles I put the brakes on randomly and had a laugh attack. Very entertaining for my mom.

Next came parking. Once I was smoothly able to put my blinker on, and turn I tried to park. I tried 5 times, and each time I was as crooked as I could possibly be.  I was great at the whole reverse backing up part, but I wasn’t able to stay in the lines when I pulled in. I parked half the car in a field multiple times. Oops. See ya on the road soon (;


2 thoughts on “Driving

  1. That is hilarious! Brings back memories of when your mother started driving. I was going to say, “Wish I had been there to see it!” but I’m glad I wasn’t. Good luck. It’s all about confidence. Find some and try it again. Love, Nana


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