Happy lil’ Bean

In honor of the darkness that has over come some people in America since the election, here are 20 things in my life that make me happy, and NOT mad, sad, or upset.

  1. My dog
  2. Books
  3. Tea
  4. Cozy blankets
  5. My parents
  6. Fuzzy socks
  7. My friends
  8. Theater
  9. All animals in general
  10. Writing
  11. Pictures
  12. Ginger bread houses
  13. Music
  15. Morning coffee with my mom
  16. Snap chatting my friends in Boston
  17. Wearing my favorite necklaces
  18. Hugs
  19. Singing around the house
  20. Having faith that all will work out

I urge ya’ll to remember the good in life right now, because there are still positive things that are happening in the world.